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Important Warning

Do not rely soley on this list to make a decision about whether or not to use a particular product.  You are responsible for comparing the label to the WADA Prohibited List to determine if the product may contain prohibited substances.  You are responsible for evaluating each product and deciding for yourself if the product poses an anti-doping or health risk.  Before reviewing the high risk list, you should evaluate any given product against USADA’s list of “Red Flags”  that indicates that the product may poses an anti-doping or health risk.

Red Flags

USADA considers products to be of high risk when they display any of the following characteristics:

  • Muscle-building (body building, weight gainer), weight-loss, sexual enhancement, or energy “supplements.”

  • Ingredients ending in -ol - diol or –stene, or that list ingredients that contain numbers.

  • Labelled with proprietary blends.

  • Contain “trademarked” or “patented” ingredients or blends of ingredients.

  • Claim to treat a disease (cancer, obesity, the common cold, etc).

  • Advertise themselves as “newest scientific breakthrough,” “secret formula,” “money back guarantee" or “what the FDA doesn’t want you to know.”

  • Claim to be safe because “they have been used for thousands of years” or are deemed “traditional.”

  • Claim to be an alternative to prescription medication.

  • Contain a long list of ingredients.

  • Ingredients that you don’t recognize.

  • Contain herbal ingredients.


By publishing these test results, USADA is not making any claim about whether these products will or will not cause a positive anti-doping test. 

The product, batch, and lot tested here may not be a representative example of the entire product run, batch run, or lot of this product.  Other bottles in the same batch may contain more or less than what is reported here, and may contain other substances that are prohibited in sport that are not reported here. 

USADA does not make any claim about whether these products are or are not appropriately marketed as dietary supplements.

Manufacturers change the formulations of their products extremely rapidly and, at the time of listing, a particular brand name of a product may have had a different formulation than that currently on the market. 

This list may contain discontinued products that are no longer sold directly to consumers by the manufacturer but remain available through distributors.

If a product is NOT listed here, that does NOT mean it is safe to take, or is devoid of prohibited substances.

Just because a product is on this list, USADA does not make any statement about whether an athlete should or should not take this product.  It is up to the athlete to evaluate each dietary supplement product and decide for themselves whether or not to use the product.

The athlete is strictly responsible for what is in their system, irrespective of how it got there.

Updated January 25, 2013 - Not a Complete List

Products that have been tested and shown to contain prohibited substances.

Brand NameCompanyWhat the label says:Prohibited List ClassificationTest Results show:
11-OXO (Lot EL40)ErgoPharm S1. Anabolic AgentsContains 4-androstendione and turinabol
3 Test OXO (Lot # PB0079712)Complete NutritionLabel lists a variety of herbals including tribulus terrestris, maca extract, saw palmetto berry, and others.S1. Anabolic Agents and S6. StimulantsContains dehydroepiandrosterone, progesterone, cathine, epehdrine, methylhexaneamine, octopamine, psuedoephedrine
Andro-XS (Lot not specified)Sports One Nutrition4-chloro-17α-methyl-andro-4-ene-3β,17β-diolS1. Anabolic AgentsContains  turinabol
Craze (Lot 1202487)Driven SportsN,N-Dimethyl- B-PhenylethylamineS6. StimulantsContains amphetamine;  N-methylphenethylamine,   beta-methylphenethylamine,  ethylamphetamine
Decabolen (Lot 0906162)CTD Labs4-chloro-17α-methyl-andro-4-ene-3β,17β-diol ;   2α17α-dimethyl-5 α-androstan-3-one  S1. Anabolic AgentsContains 4-chloro-17α-methyl-andro-4-ene-3β,17β-diol    was not detected in the product but methasterone (2α17α-dimethyl-5 α-androstan-3-one) and its isomer   
DR1 (Lot# PB0079412)Complete Nutrition
S1. Anabolic Agents and S6. StimulantsContains 4-Androsten-3,6,17-trione, formestane, 4-Androstenedione, drostanolone, 4-Androsten-3ß,17a-diol, 4-Androsten-3a,17ß-diol, cathine, ephedrine, methylephedrine, N-methylphenethylamine, psuedoephedrine.
Dual Action Grow Tabs (Lot CW-68)IDS S1. Anabolic AgentsContains 1- androstenedione, 4-androstenedione, methandione, turinabol.
E-911 (Lot #9164)LG Sciences
S6. Stimulantscontains methylsynephrine, octopamine
Enpulse (Lot 0081D1B)Rivalus S6. StimulantsContains ephedrine, methylephedrine, pseudoephedrine,  synephrine
Formadrol Extreme (Lot 09002)LG Sciences1-Androstene-3α-Ol,17-oneS1. Anabolic AgentsContains turinabol
H-Drol (Lot# 1008029)Competitive Edge Labs4-chloro-17α-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3,17β-diolS1. Anabolic AgentsContains 4-androstenedione
Hemo-Rage Black (Lot# 0F514-0)Nutrex Research
S6. StimulantsContains methylhexaneamine
HexaGHen (Lot 030072008)Muscle Meds S1. Anabolic AgentsContains 4- andorstenedione, androsterone, boldione, and testosterone.
Hot SOS (Lot 10060)Geared-Up Nutrition
S1. Anabolic AgentsContains  epitestosterone, 4- androstendione, boldione, methyltestosterone, progesterone, turinabol, and testosterone.
Hydrocyadrine (Lot#810051)Advanced Nutrient Science
S6. StimulantsContains octopamine
HydroxyCut Hardcore (lot#9451610)

S6. StimulantsContains strychine
Hyperdrol X2 (Lot 49772)Anabolic Xtreme S1. Anabolic AgentsContains 4-androstenedione, bodione, 
Ignite (Lot#828901)Nutrex Research
S6. StimulantsContains methylsynephrine (oxilofrine)
Jack3d (Lot# J10581B; K02097B; K07393-C)USP Labs S6. StimulantsContains methylhexaneamine
Lipo-6 Black (Lot# 10016680)Nutrex Research
S6. StimulantsContains methylhexaneamine and octopamine
Lipo-6 Black Hers (Lot# 10015791)Nutrex Research S6. StimulantsContains methyhexaneamine, methylsynephrine (oxilofrine), octopamine
NA TREN HGX (Lot# PB00711A12)Complete NutritionLabel lists bovine colostrum and a variety of herbals and amino acids.S1. Anabolic Agents and S6. StimulantsContains dehydroepiandrosterone, ephedrine, methylhexanamine, pseudoephedrine
Oxan-VR (Lot# PB0078112)Complete NutritionIngredients on the label include arginine, carnitine, and a variety of herbals.S1. Anabolic Agents and S6. StimulantsContains 4-Androstenedione,  DHEA, ephedrine,  methylhexaneamine, octopamine
OxyElite Pro (Lot 411006)USP Labs
S6. StimulantsContains methylhexaneamine
Presurge unleashed (Lot#0260J12)Athletic Edge Nutrition1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCL (Geranium)S6. StimulantsContains methylhexaneamine
War Pharma
2 alpha, 17 alpha-dimethyl-5 alpha-androstan-17beta-ol-3,3'-azine
S1. Anabolic AgentsContains 4-Androstenedione, Methasterone, Oxymetholone, 5-Androsten-3, 17-dione
Reumofan PlusRiger Naturalsadvertised to contain vitamins, minerals, shark cartilage and herbal ingredientsS9. GlucocorticosteroidsFDA publicly reported that at least one lot of this product contained glucocorticosteroids (prohibited in competition).
Spirodex  (Lot#1007395)Gaspari Nutrition S6. StimulantsContains Methylhexaneamine
Spirodrene (Lot#122209)Engineered 
Sports Technology  

S6. StimulantsContains methylsynephrine 
Stacker 3 (Lot #129819)NVE Pharmaceuticals Inc.Variety of ingredients including Kola nut, caffeine, green tea extract, chitosan, and others.S6. Stimulants, MethylhexaneamineContains Methylhexaneamine
T-911 (Lot 08242)LG Sciences S1. Anabolic AgentsContains 4-androstenedione, androsterone
TestEVOL (Lot 7346-2)EVOL S1. Anabolic AgentsContains boldione, and turinabol.

Products that list WADA Prohibited Substances on label or in advertising.

*Latest additions are highlighted in blue. Updated January 25, 2013

ProductCompanyProduct Label or AdvertisingProhibited List Classification
1,3 DimethylamylamineBCS Labs1,3 DimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
1,3 DimethylamylaminePrimaForce1,3 DimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
1,4 AD BoldiForce Nutrition1,4-Androstadiene-3,17-dioneS1. Anabolic Agents
1.M.R.BPIGeranium (whole plant)S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
17 Diol ProhormoneSports One Nutrition2α-3α-epithio-17α-methyl-5α-androstan-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
1-Androsterone RdeAdvanced Muscle Science1-Androstene-3β-Ol,17-oneS1. Anabolic Agents
1-Test CypionateVPX17-beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androst-ene-3-one Cypionate EsterS1. Anabolic Agents
6 BromoChaparral Labs6-bromo-androstan-3,17-dioneS1. Anabolic Agents
711 StackPrototype Nutritionandrost-5-ene-3b,7b,17b-triol, and 11-KetotestosteroneS1. Anabolic Agents
Amphetalean  Beast Sports Nutrition1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCLS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
AmphetaLean ExtremeBeast Sports Nutrition S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
ArimaProChaparral LabsAndrosta-3,5-diene-7, 17-dione  S4. Hormone and Metabolic Modulators
ArimeStage PCTExtreme Performance GroupAndrost 3, 5-dien-7, 17-dioneS1. Anabolic Agents
ArimiPlexPro Cycle Labs1,4,6-androstatriene-3,17-dione S4. Hormone and Metabolic Modulators
BenzedrineHi-Tech PharmaceuticalsmethylsynephrineS6. Stimulants
Black catsApplied Nutriceuticals
S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Black WidowHi-Tech PharmaceuticalsephedraS6. Stimulants
Clear ShotE-PharmGeranamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Code RedMuscleMedsDimethylamylamine (Geranium whole plantS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Dark RageMaximum Human PerformanceEPO Blood Doping Technology S4. Hormone and Metabolic Modulators
DecaSARM RdeAdvanced Muscle Science19Nor-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one S1. Anabolic Agents
Decavol RdeAdvanced Muscle Science19Nor-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one S1. Anabolic Agents
DexaprineiForce Nutrition1,3 dimethylpentylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
DexiprineiForce Nutrition1,3-DimethylphenylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
DimethabolinMyopharma2α,17α-dimethyl-5-androst-17β-ol-3,3-azineS1. Anabolic Agents
Dimetha-VarEPG (Extreme Performance Group)17b-hydroxy-2a,17b-dimethyl-5a-androstan-3,3'-azineS1. Anabolic Agents
Di-TestinalEST17αmethyl-1,4 etioallochane-3,17-ol; 17 methyl delt-etioallochane decanoate; 6-17 dihydroxyetiocholove-3-ol-propionateS1. Anabolic Agents
Drostanol 35AMMO13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gonan-2,5(10)-diene-17-one; 2a,17a-dimethyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androstan-3-oneS1. Anabolic Agents
D-StianozolFast Action17α- Methyletioallocholan-2-ene-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
EdgeElement Nutrition2α-3α-epithio-17α-methyl-5α-androstan-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
Epi 2A3A (Epistane)Vital Labs2α-3α-epithio-17α-methyl-5α-androstan-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
E-StaneCompetitive Edge Labs2α-3α-epithio-17α-methyl-5α-androstan-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
Extreme ShockAdvanced Nutrient ScienceOctapalean TMS6. Stimulants
F-10Advanced GeneticsGeranium oilS6. Stimulants
Fat SmackPurus Labs2-amino-4-methylhexane (geranium extract)S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
FlashOverOmega Sports1,3-dimethlyamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Gaspari NutritionSpirodexgeranium (maculatum)S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Geranium ExtractNutraplenet1,3-dimethlyamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Halo ExtremeIron Mag Labs4-chloro-17β-hydroxy-17α-methyl-androst-1,4-dien-3-oneS1. Anabolic Agents
Halo-PlexHardRock Supplements4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17b-diolS1. Anabolic Agents
HalovarPurus Labs4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17-diolS1. Anabolic Agents
Heat AcceleratedMagnumGeranium Oil ExtractS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
HemadrolEST4-chloro-17α-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3,17β-diolS1. Anabolic Agents
HemagunoSpectra Force Research2α-3α-epithio-17α-methyl-5α-androstan-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
HemodreneNutrabolicsGeranium Extract (1,3-dimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Hi Tech PharmaceuticalsBenzedrinemethylsynephrineS6. Stimulants
Jungle WarfareALRI17α methyl-5α-dehydro-etiocholan-6,4-diene-3-one,17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
Kick Start RX Post Cycle TherapyAMMOFormestaneS4. Hormone and Metabolic Modulators
Lean FxAthletic Extreme5-Androstene-3b, 7b, 17b-triolS1. Anabolic Agents
Lean XtremeDriven Sports5α-etioallocholan-3,6,17-trione; Etioallocholen-3b,7b,17b-tiol), 7OH (3b,7b-dihydroxy-5-Etioallocholen-17-oneS1. Anabolic Agents
Lipo ExtremeAMMOEphedra, 1,3-DimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants
Mass DropsAdvanced Muscle Science1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one  and 19-NorAndrostene-3b-ol, 17-one S1. Anabolic Agents
Mass FX Power Pack (Mass FX + TST Powercell)Athletic ExtremeStigmast-5-en-3b-ol, 25R-Diol [(3b,5a,6a,25R)-spirostan-3,6-diol], [(25R)-6-Oxospirost-5-en-3b-olS1. Anabolic Agents
MastavolAPS Nutrition2α,17α -dimethyl-5α-androstan-3-one-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
Max LMGALRI13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gonan-2,5(10)-diene-17-oneS1. Anabolic Agents
Maximize V2iForce Nutrition1,3 dimethylpentylamine (geranium oil)S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Mesomor pHAPS Nutrition1,3-DimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Methadrol ExtremeIron Mag Labs2a,17a-dimethyl-17a hydroxy, 5a etiocholan 3-one and 2a,17a-dimethyl-5a-androstan,17b-ol 3,3-azine and 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5 (10)-dien-17-oneS1. Anabolic Agents
MethanstaneEST Nutrition2α,17α-dimethyl 5α-androsto-3-one; 5α-Etioallocholan(2,3-C)furazan-17β-Tetrahydropyranol Ether 
MethastodrolRock Hard Supplements2α, 17α di-methyletiocholan 3-one, 17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
MethoxygenVPXAndrostene 3B, 7B, 17B TriolS1. Anabolic Agents
Methoxy-TRNALRI17β-methoxy-trienboloneS1. Anabolic Agents
Methyl 1-DLegal Sciences3β -hydroxyetioallocholan-5-ene-17-oneS1. Anabolic Agents
Methyl VolEST2α,17α -dimethyl-5α-androstan-3-oneS1. Anabolic Agents
Methyl XTESTMethyl-1-Etiocholenolol-EpietiocholanoloneS1. Anabolic Agents
Methylsurge BlackBCS Labs1,3-DimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
MotivateAnabolic InnovationsGeranamine 1,3 DimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Muscle SpikeMuscle Fortress1,3- dimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
NeurocoreMuscleTechGeranium Extract (Geranium robertianum, aerial parts)S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Nitric BlastSNIGeranium ExtractS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
NL-OctrainNo Limits Lab1,3-dimethlyamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
NoxiproCTD Labs
S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
OrlaTESTChem33oral turinabol 
OverdoseNRG-X Labs1,3-dimethlyamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Overdose ReduxNRG-X LabsGeranium maculatum extract [leaves and stems]S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
PCTDouble Dragon6-bromo-androst-1,4-diene-3,17-dioneS1. Anabolic Agents
Phendrene ExtremeBCS LabsmethylsynephrineS6. Stimulants, oxilofrine
Phenom AmpedBCS Labs1,3-DimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Phera Vol Methyl XT StackEST17α-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
Phera-MassKilo Sports17α-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
PowerdrolAmerican German Technologies4-chloro-17α-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3,17β-diolS1. Anabolic Agents
Powerdrol AnabolicBCI2α,17α-dimethyl-5 α-androstan-3-one-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
Pro Stano VAMMO5a-etioallocholan[2,3-c]furazan 17b-tetrahydropyranol etherS1. Anabolic Agents
PWRiSarotoriDiemthylpentylamine (Loquat extract)S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Quake 10.0SciVationdimethylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
RAGE RV1 UltraANC3,17-keto-etiochol-triene; 6,17-ketoetiocholeva-3-ol-tetrahydropypranolS4. Hormone and Metabolic Modulators
RAGE VXANCGeranamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Razor CutsIron Mag LabsDiuretic claimsS5. Duiretics and Other Masking Agents
RedLine Black On Blue V2VPXSupra-Amine™ Apple geranium (Pelargoniumodoratissimum) (leaves), methylsynephrine (web advertising)S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine and oxilofrine
RezolutionLG Sciences1,3-dimethylamylamine (Geranium flower)S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
S-DrolFast Action 2α,17α-dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
Sostanol 250IDS17α-methyl-1,4-etioallochane-17β-ol;3,17-dihyroxy-4-chlor-17α-methyletioallcholan-4-ene; 3,17-dihydroxy-17-methyl-d-1,4-etiocholanone; 17-hydroxy-17-methyl-etioallcholan
S1. Anabolic Agents
SpawnMyogenixEstra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione; 2α,3α-epithio-17α-methyletioallocolanlS1. Anabolic Agents
SSIN JuiceBioRhythmGeranium [stem] 13dimethylamylamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Stimulant XAnabolic Xtreme2-amino-4-methylhexane HCLS6. Stimulants, MethylhexaneamineStimulants
Straight EPIBlack China Labs2α-3α-epithio-17α-methyl-5α-androstan-17β-olS1. Anabolic Agents
SuperbolicIntense Nutriceuticals2α,17α-dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one-17β-ol 
SuperHaloBlack China LabshalomethetioallocholaneS1. Anabolic Agents
SwaggerManGeranastim (1,3-dimethylamylamine)S6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Thermo Hydroxadrine Nitric ExplosionANSIOctapalean TMS6. Stimulants
Trimethyl Extreme 3.15Extreme Performance Group2α,17α di-methyl-etiocholan-3-oneS1. Anabolic Agents
TurinavolAPS Nutrition4-chloro-17α-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3,17β-diolS1. Anabolic Agents
White LighteningAPS Nutritiongeranium oil extractS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
X-ForceInnovative Body EnhancementMethylhexaneamineS6. Stimulants, Methylhexaneamine
Yellow 25X ExtremeBlack China LabsEphedraS6. Stimulants