Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Heard this before?

Yeah, it's what was ringing in my head after this morning's workout. You KNOW racing season is approaching when the "white hot" stuff starts to show up on the plan. You just never know what to expect. In the back of your mind you have some preconceived notion of what "would" be great, but in reality you just have no idea what's going to happen when the real intensity starts to get thrown into the mix.

Woke up early, had a few cups of coffee and tried to mentally prepare myself for some suffering. Hitting the rollers on the TT bike with 4x 3min all out efforts with a few SubSupers thrown in after that. For some reason, I thought the plan read 3x 3min efforts but then I noticed the "4" this morning..whoops. A little unusual for me, but the first one felt pretty solid..then the next..then the next...then the finale. I cracked a bit halfway through the last one, but stuck it out. I definitely was seeing some stars after it. Ended up with a 430w cumulative avg which is good and a bit scary. Good by way of numbers, scary that I now know what I need to build off of. Plan on some endurance riding the next few days and then a few good longish rides over the weekend. Should be fun.

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